Hi, I’m Sarah! My husband Dean and I are blessed to be the parents of three wonderful, energetic children.  

Now, there are two kinds of people in this world:
1. Those who can cope with being woken from a sound sleep
2. Those who require a mammoth dose of self-control to handle disrupted sleep

I’m the latter. (My profound apologies to my parents, my siblings, my husband, and my children.)

When our oldest was born, I knew that I’d at have to soldier through some night waking for a while. But tah-rust me, I wanted to know how soon I could expect my sweet baby to sleep through the night! I grabbed some baby books, clung to their promises like a security blanket, and mustered my way through.

By the time he was 10 weeks old, he was sleeping 10 hours straight at night. Hallelujah! What was all this fuss about babies who didn’t sleep at night? Those poor, misguided parents just didn’t know how to do it right.

Oh, but then he went back to waking at night. And waking, and waking. Pride goes before a fall, doesn’t it?

After 8 humbling years of parenting, three babies, a combined 36 months of breastfeeding, piles of baby books, and a slew of saved blog posts, I decided I wanted to master this baby sleep thing. It wasn’t right that there should be so much information that completely contradicted itself when it came to getting your baby to sleep. Sleep is too essential for it to be this hard!

I stopped reading the sleep books, and started reading all the research cited in the back of the books instead. I didn’t want someone’s philosophy on how to do this or an anecdote of how “this worked for me!” I wanted to learn the science for myself. I found a passion in studying sleep research, and digging deeper into this mysterious master of our nights.

In the fall of 2016 I completed a 16-week course to become certified as a child sleep consultant through the Family Sleep Institute, leading to the start of Once Upon a Bedtime in January 2017.

My desire is to take my background in library science, with almost 20 years of experience working in academic libraries, and combine that with a passion for helping families sleep–to give YOU the tools you need to get the rest you need.

What has your sleep journey looked like? What has been helpful for you, or what questions do you still have? I’d love to hear what your experience has been! Drop me a note and let me know!

Sweet dreams!