Hi, I’m Sarah.  My husband Dean and I are blessed to be the parents of three wonderful, energetic children.  

I vividly remember my first full night in the hospital after our oldest was born. I thought, I need to not ask the nurses for help. They won’t be there when we go home; I have to figure out how to do this on my own. But after spending several hours that night trying to encourage my baby to take a full feeding so that we both could sleep, a nurse finally found me in tears in the morning, weary from exhaustion and wondering how on earth to manage like this at home. When I tried to explain my tattered thoughts, she responded in a chipper tone, “Oh, you just have the baby blues!” and went on about her duties. No one provided any wisdom about infant sleep and how to survive those early months. Oh how I just wanted to know what to expect and how soon I could get the rest that I craved!

Without any clear answers to draw from, I found my way through like most parents do, by a lot of trial and error. By the time our third little one arrived, our youngest, I felt like I could navigate this sleep thing pretty well. But children seem to like to prove their parents wrong, don’t they? Midway into this little guy’s first year, he decided that he was fond of a 4am start to the day–and nothing would make him budge. After a year of seeing him clearly struggling with not enough sleep but being unable to do anything to fix it, we finally did what I should have done from the start.

Just shy of our youngest child’s second birthday, we found a pediatric sleep consultant who saved our sanity.  One of my biggest mistakes, from the time our oldest was born, was that I needed to learn how to ask for help, and to find the right person who would know how to help.  As much as I loved learning about sleep, I still needed someone else to guide me.  Just talking to someone who understood our struggles and knew more about sleep than I did helped me to relax: something our entire family needed.  Together we gently shaped his sleep and found more peaceful rest for everyone.  

Our experience with a sleep consultant confirmed my passion for wanting to pursue this line of study myself by becoming a certified child sleep consultant through the Family Sleep Institute.

If you’re struggling with sleep, you’re not alone.  I love connecting with other families and seeing them turn the corner to getting the rest that they need.  Compassion and help are just a click away: all you need to do is ask.