If you are a new parent or know of someone about to become a parent, I highly recommend the New Parents Package. As a brand new Mom, I really had no clue how to help my 6-week-old newborn baby sleep well. The information and support that I received from Sarah in the New Parents Package was enlightening, evidence-based, and empowering. Sarah taught me about the biology behind infant sleep, and used findings from sleep studies to encourage me to try some pretty easy but different strategies than the ones I had been using (which to be honest really weren’t strategies at all – just me guessing!). From that consultation onward (my baby is now 6 months old), my husband and I have consistently applied what we learned from Sarah to naps and bedtime – with great and consistent results. We have been sleeping soundly since – both because our baby has been sleeping soundly (in amounts appropriate for her age as she grew) AND because we know how to help her do that on a daily basis (no more guesswork!). If you are a parent with a young baby and are thinking about trying this, I highly encourage you to do it – not just for the outcomes, but also for becoming more confident as a parent. And if you know someone who is about to become a parent, this would make a fantastic gift (and a GREAT alternative to buying stuff off of a registry!).

~ Katie B