My husband and I reached out to Sarah when our, then 18 month old son was in a poor sleeping ritual. We were all up 5-6 times a night. Many bad habits started, but our routine was – he would fall asleep in our bed, we would carry him to his crib when asleep, and 2-3 hours later he would wake, wanting held and we would bring him to our bed for sleep for all. We wanted badly to have that routine that he would fall asleep on his own, sleep all night, wake with a sweet smile! We got that! I reached out to Sarah and received no judgement, simply education on WHY this was happening, and outlines three options. She walked us through the option we chose, and in three evenings, we were laying him down in his bed, walking out, and waking 10 hours later to a sweet, happy boy. We’ve clearly had off nights, but that’s having a toddler! Having Sarah’s knowledge allows us to not dread bedtime, but welcome all the many changes and know how to implement healthy strategies. Sarah, we thank you!

~Stacy S.