As a second-time mom, but first-time nursing mom, I was having difficulties figuring out how to best get my second son to sleep through the night. I was also having a hard time getting him into a daily schedule because my older son was transitioning out of naps and starting school and I knew that the lack of day-time structure was also effecting his night-time sleep. I shared my concerns with Sarah and she shared with me a wealth of knowledge about baby and toddler sleep! Everything from developmental stages of sleep, what is normal and what to expect, to how to cope with the various stages. She offered various ways for us to try to develop better sleeping habits for my son depending on what best aligns with our parenting style and the needs of our family. She was always supportive and willing to help. I can tell that she is truly passionate about sharing her knowledge with others and helping families all get better sleep at night!

~Kristin J