Pediatric Sleep Library

Want to learn more about infant and childhood sleep? While most of the research can only be accessed through a paid subscription, some is available without restriction. These open access articles reflect a portion of the growing body of knowledge on pediatric sleep....

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Why the Spring Time Change is So Much Easier for Kids!

Changing to daylight saving time is a drill we’re culturally accustomed to, but it’s not a simple change for your body. In fact, the effect that this change has is probably greater than most people realize--but that effect is different for different people. For little...

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Facing Bedtime Fears

The dark. Spiders. Monsters. Being alone. Fears that have interrupted children’s and parents’ sleep for millennia. How common are nighttime fears? 4-6 year olds: 59% 7-9 year olds: 85% 10-12 year olds: 80% Adolescents: 49% ((Muris, P., Merckelbach, H., Ollendick, T....

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I'm ready for a good night's sleep

Welcome to Once Upon A Bedtime

A good night’s sleep isn’t just the stuff of fairy tales. It’s the spine that holds the book of life together.

My passion is to give you and your family the tools you need to rest well so you can live life to the fullest.